… And The Sun Will Rise

The worst thing in the world can happen, but the next day the sun will rise. So please ask yourself; what would i do if i weren’t afraid? And then go do it. Even if you go for it and it doesn’t work out, you still win. You still had the guts enough to head straight into something that frightened you. That type of bravery will take you places.

There’s no such thing as being completely ready. You’re never going to feel like you’ve got everything sorted and all figured out. If you get to the place where you’re just a little bit more excited than afraid, that’s when you go for it. That’s when you go all in. To hell with playing it safe.

“Everything is a risk. Not doing anything is a risk. It’s up to you.”

Somebody once told me that the difference between an ordinary life and extraordinary life is just a matter of perspective. Open up and look around you. It is a weird and wonderful world and you do not require a 10 digit bank account to fully immerse yourself in it. Travel the roads without a destination in mind. Climb a mountain and scream into the void. Skinny dip. Explore the wilderness (especially the one within). Think about the stories. Because in the end, you are only the sum of the stories you can tell. And every decision you make is a story, make it an interesting one.

Be brave. Even if you’re not, pretend to be. No one can tell the difference. Be brave in life, be brave in your decisions. It’s through bravery that the good stuff happens.

If you’re looking for a sign to take the risk… this is it. I think you should go for it. Even if things don’t go as planned, the sun will rise and we can try again.


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