Take A Break

As an humans, we are constantly changing and growing. If you reflect on how you were two years ago I can almost guarantee there’s a substantial difference in your overall character. Throughout life there are often moments/events that make a person step back and think about how they got themselves into said situation, and what needs to be done in order to make the change that is needed. However sometimes and most often there it’s due to a build up of events; a build up of smaller events which leads you to conclude that something must change in order for you to move forward.

I strongly advice everyone. EVERYONE. To take at least one day off a month, one day off. I don’t mean work/school, one Saturday for instance. Don’t go on social media, don’t do work, try and not to think about anything other yourself and your current situation. Think about what you’d like to change and what your short and long term goals are then make a plan of how you wish to achieve these.

I’d also advise you to take a walk, go on a stroll. Think about your mind-set and how you view the world. If your unhappy with certain parts work out what you need to do to change it. A break is important as it separates you from everything other than yourself. It gives you time to really reflect on what’s working and what isn’t. That’s why I urge you to take a break, take a day off and reflect.

Sometimes this break causes you to feel down, it causes feelings to surface that you had worked hard to push down. But that’s okay. It’s needed. It may not make sense at the time, but i promise when you look back on this situation in a few months time, you’ll be so thankful you took the break, you took the time to deal with the shit you’ve been avoiding.

Let your mind and heart rest for a while. You will catch up, the world will not stop spinning for you, but you will catch up. Take a rest.

Have a break, have a kit kat.


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