Dear Anxiety, This Is My Year.

Dear Anxiety,

Over the past 6/7 years, my life has been controlled by you. What I have and haven’t done, who I did and didn’t meet, where I went or didn’t go; you have had the power. Well, this year you can stick it where the sun don’t shine. This year I plan on pushing myself no matter how much you tell me not too, no matter how many barriers you throw in my way. This year your voice wont hold me back, I will aspire and achieve to do bigger and better than ever before. Complete acts that I’ve never been able to before, reach further and go higher. Anxiety, I am no longer your bitch, you are mine.

It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power too is what will have power over you. I am under no illusion that once I press publish on this post, my anxiety will still be present, however, anxiety can be a very useful thing if you use it to your advantage. I will no longer bow down to you, anxiety will now bow down to me. The unique perspective on life you’ve given me, I will use to my advantage. I will turn every thing you throw my way into a positive, I refuse to have another year be ran by you.

I am letting go of what I was and hopefully, with a bit of perseverance I can become what I aspire to be. I am going to write three things that my anxiety has always stopped me doing, I cant go back then,  and with a stroke of luck by the end of the year I can cross all three off.

  1. Travel. Being somewhere I don’t know terrifies me, new surroundings, new people. My anxiety has made me a fan of routine – travel doesn’t fall into that. 
  2. Promote My Work. This blog is the only time I’ve promoted my writing, and I still get shy, I want to be loud and proud about my writing; not only my writing but the message behind my blogs. 
  3. Being Spontaneous. Everything always has to be planned in advance for me to go through with it, it’s caused me to miss out on many opportunities. This year I aspire to be able to do things without having to have it palnned for weeks.

I strongly urge you to write a list of your own, lets cross them off together

I hope everyone’s year is filled with countless opportunities and chances and I hope you have the courage and belief to take them.


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