17 Lessons I Learnt In 2017

With the new year dawning upon us, i think it’s a perfect time to reflect on the year that’s passed. 2017, for me, was the year of change. As someone who has always avoided change, 2017 was thought to be a challenge with all this inevitable change going to occur. However, it’s probably been the best thing for me. I am a completely different person, surrounded by completely different people. I couldn’t be happier. I am going into 2018 having learnt so many lessons, so much has happened leading me into 2018 in the best position ever. I thought i’d share some of the lessons i’ve learnt this year with you, here are 17 lessons i’ve learnt in 2017;

1. If it makes you happy, don’t be ashamed nor hide it. Those who don’t appreciate or make fun of it aren’t people you want in your life.

2. Saying “no” isn’t a bad thing. No matter the situation, if you aren’t comfortable or don’t want too, saying no is completely fine.

3. Trying to fix things can do more harm than good. Sometimes it’s best to walk away, no point in watering dead plants; you end up just wasting water.

4. Personality isn’t set in stone. You have the power to take control and change it how you wish.

5. Do things for the story. There’s been things i’ve done and situations i’ve gotten myself into where i’ve thought to myself – what the f*ck am i doing – but often it creates a belting story to tell after.

6. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. As hard as it may be to choose, we can’t always have everything we want. Compromise is essential.

7. Take opportunities. When opportunity knocks, you answer the door. And if the door closes, you open the window.

8. You are responsible. In most aspects of your life, you are responsible for it. Make your life what you wish it io be.

9. Don’t settle. If you’re stuck in a relationship, friendship, job. LEAVE. It’s holding you back.

10. If you’re polite and well mannered, you can get away with a lot. Most people, me included, are more forgiving and accepting if the opposite person is polite and has manners.

11. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not real. I learnt this lesson while watching a christmas film, while the child in the film was referring to christmas i think it’s true when it comes to life. People give up when they don’t see the impact. Just hold on in there, you’re progress will soon be visible.

12. It’s not your job to fix others. Some people will never see the error of their ways, it’s not your job to make them see where they are going wrong.

13. Accept what you can’t change. Be it a physical appearance, something in your past or something completely different. If you can’t change it, accept it, because it isn’t going anywhere.

14. The grass isn’t greener if you water your grass. Stop obsessing and getting jealous over other people’s personas, you’re seeing their highlights.

15. Working hard will pay off. Work hard while you can, get the experiences you need to get a job that you won’t feel like you’re working.

16. Don’t keep score. You’ll both end up loosing.

17. It’s not forever. Life, it’s gonna end. Have a laugh, get a drink and soak up the crazy amazing thing that is your life. Live every moment and take risks.

2017, thanks for the lessons. 2018 – i’m coming for you.

I hope you all have a wonderful christmas and a very happy new year!!


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