You Are Not Weak

In one of my classes at college, the theme of abusive relationships got brought up, closely followed by a heated argument where the majority were stating that those who stay in abusive relationships are “weak”, “idiots” or “deserve it”. This is just a fraction of the ignorant and narrow minded comments i heard today.

Firstly i’d like to clarify that an abusive relationship, can be both physical and/ or verbal. Also, both men AND women can be the absusers.

To those people i mentioned earlier whom made those comments, or to anyone out there who does also believe that those who stay in abusive relationships are “weak”. I’d like to question as to whether you’ve been in an abusive relationship before? I hope the answer is no, as i wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. However my point being – it’s easy to pass judgment when you’re looking from an outsiders perspective. But there’s emotions involved, harm involved. Those whom are being abused by their partner can often feel like it’s safer to stay with them, as they’re petrified of what might happen if they leave.

“Your relationship should be a safe haven; not a battle field. The world has enough of that already”

I can’t stop abusive relationships from happening. I wish i could because nobody, nobody, deserves to be treated so cruel. However there is one thing i can do, i can do it with your help. We, as a team, can stop the stereotypes, the stigma and the labels. We can educate and inform that; 

men can be the victim of an abusive relationship.

an abusive relationship doesn’t always mean physical assault.

those who are in abusive relationships are NOT weak.

We can’t stop abusive relationships, but we can create a safer and more welcome environment so that those whom are victims of those relationships can get help, and they can get it without judgement. 


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