One Day Or Day One?

I am yet to meet someone who has started something on a day that is not a Monday. As humans, we have developed this weird routine where if we are to start something, for example, a diet, Monday seems to be the most common day to do so. I hear it all the time… “I’ll start eating healthy again on Monday”, “I’ll start my revision on Monday” or “I’ll start the gym on Monday”. New years are the same, October onwards if not earlier people very rarely seem to start something or make a positive change, everybody is waiting. Constantly waiting, whether it be on Monday, the new month or new year. It’s just a day difference. I couple of hours, separates December 31st to January 1st.Why can’t we make these changes and start new things when we want to, why don’t we start a diet on a Wednesday, why don’t we start the gym on a Friday, or better yet why don’t we make a resolution to drink more water of a Saturday. We as a human race are being confined by rules that cease to exist. We are throwing away our week waiting for a Monday.

You can’t be successful if you spend your life waiting, a fulfilled life isn’t going to get handed to you on a plate. Don’t wait all your life, for your life. Don’t wait too long, you might just miss your chance.

We constantly have ideas and dreams of what we would love to do, and we promise our peers and ourselves that one day we will make those dreams reality, one day I won’t have to wake up because that dream will be my life. Why can’t that one day be today? Is it because it’s a Tuesday? Is it because it’s the 31st, not the 1st? If it is I am begging you to stop making excuses. Stop living your life waiting for something, make it happen. Make today your day one. Make today the start of something truly brilliant. Today is the day you make a change, today is the day you start how you mean to go on.

If you read this far I ask for you to make one positive change today, whether it be eating healthier, waking up earlier or drinking more water. Whatever it may be, whatever it is that you wait for Monday to do… Do it now, do it today.

“You are the only one who can limit your greatness. Remember you are enough.”


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