13 Reasons Why I Hated ’13 Reasons Why’

Over the past couple of weeks ’13 reasons why’ has been hot topic, whether it’s over memes on facebook or conspiracy theories on twitter. It’s everywhere.

When I first heard about ’13 reasons why’ coming out at a Netflix series, I was excited. As someone who had read the book many years ago, the thought of it being brought to my screen excited me. I hoped that it would shine a light on mental health and educate people especially young on mental illness. However when the show was officially released I avoided watching it. Why? Because I knew there wasn’t going to be a happy ending, I had read the book and although the series did differ the main plot remained the same. Trying to avoid the show became harder as it was publicited over all social media and it was all people were talking about, I caved in and watched it.

Before I watched the actual show I watched ‘behind the reasons’, this urged me to watch the show as i felt as if the show itself would be educational and help those struggling with mental illness. Oh how wrong i was. 

This leads me to reason one, it isn’t educational. It’s a drama show designed to entertain not educate. The only time mental illness was actually mentioned was in the ‘behind the reasons’. At no other point on the show was the actual topic of mental illness itself brought up. 

Reason two, as important as the brutality was it was also very very triggering. This show left me among many others feeling extremely low. 

Reason three, the show has added to the trend. People who think it’s ‘cool’ to be mentally ill. The popularity of this show will only make it worse, which in effect will only silence those who are genuinely suffering.

Reason four, in the show Hannah opened up and told her school counsellor that she was not only raped but suicidal also. The counsellor didn’t help, didn’t offer her any support. This completely ruined the whole message of “speak out and get help” that the show tried to get across.

Reason five, it’s being talked about; wrongly. People are talking openly and with very strong opinions about the characters without realising the thousands of people who relate to each character. The characters are being talked about but not what the actual character represnts.

Reason six, it romantazises mental illness. There was a specific scene between clay and mr porter, where mr porter stated “you can’t love someone back to life”, to which clay replied “you can try”. This makes people believe that love is the answer to mental illness. 

Reason seven, at least 5 percent of youth suicide is influenced by cognigation. When a high profile celebrity commits suicide, suicide rates across the nation seem to rise. I believe the brutality and honestly will do more bad than good. 

Reason eight, mental health is real. Suicide is real. Depression is real. PTSD is real. 13 reasons why, de-ligitamizes the existence of these conditions by portraying Hannah’s death an inevitable consequence of the events that occurred to hannah. 

Reason nine, it became a drama show. A teen drama. Suicide is tragic. 13 reasons why turned the story into a entertaining mystery, they lost sight of the true meaning behind it.

Reason ten, the sterotypes. The jocks were bad, the sweet innocent guys were just that. The girls with the dark clothing and multiple piercings self harmed. The mean girls were mean. The sterotypes in this show infuriated me.

Reason eleven, the tapes themselves have made people believe that hannah is selfish, causing people to think suicide is selfish. As if suicide is only a reaction to other people’s actions which often isn’t the case. The tapes were vindictive and wrongly portrayed the reasons behind suicide.

Reason twelve, 13 reasons why, a show about ‘mental illness’ has turned into an inspiration for “memes”. Over all social media, jokes are being made about the show, loosing its true intention.

Reason thirteen, i hated that a show about teen suicide needed to be made. I hate that it’s that much of an issue that they felt the need to release a show surrounding the issue. I hate that the only way some people are actually educated on mental health is through this show, and oh how wrongly they will be informed.

’13 reasons why’ was done with good intentions, there are people out there who want to help. If you feel triggered by the show or feel like you’re alone, please get the help you deserve. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak.

Samaritians – 116 123


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